Music, Movies, Television, and Radio:



At the top of this website’s main page, you should see “Casavie Bienvenue,” and “bienvenue” means “welcome” in French. 




Under “Casavie Bienvenue” you should see the words “Top Films.”  Click on the title of the film under that if that particular film sees interesting to you.  As of May 2008, the film in this spot is “Al Horob Min Khanika,” or الهروب من الخانكة.  The French description provided roughly translates to read: Fouad killed television journalist Mustapha for stealing his land.  However, before dying, Mustapha had already warned Nachwa, Fouad’s sister.  She goes to the police to bring a charge against her brother.  He pretends he is insane and is taken to a mental institution so that the court cannot take her testimony into account.  The film also deals with the problem of torturing sick people in mental institutions.


You may have to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (for free) in order to view the film.  Instructions should be provided when you try to download the film.  To see Part 1, click on “partie 1.”  To see Part 2, click on “partie 2.”


You can click on other film titles to see other films, located under the first film at the top of the screen.  You can go to a new page to see more films by clicking on a page number at the bottom of the screen.




On the left side of the homepage, you should see the words “Menu principal” under “”  Click on “Tv Live,” which is the third selection under “Menu principal,” below “Films” and above “Radio Live.”  Click on the icons that appear to see various television stations.  Some of the stations that work as of May 2008 are:


Al Alam TV


Algérie TV (an Algerian television station)


2M Tv Maroc (a Moroccan television station in French)


Aljazeera TV


Télévision Jordanie – Jordan TV (The news program I saw on this station was in Modern Standard Arabic.  Perhaps there are other programs in dialect.)


Al Ekhbariya TV قناة الاخبارية, (I saw only graphics, no normal television imagery, on this station.  The program I heard here was in Modern Standard Arabic.)


Nile TV International (The program I saw was in Egyptian Arabic and English.)


Sultanate Oman TV (from the Ministry of Information in Oman)


Kuwait Ktv1 (in Modern Standard Arabic and dialect depending on who is being interviewed)


KTV 2 (This Kuwaiti channel was showing a soap opera when I saw it.  It was in a Gulf dialect with English subtitles.)


KTV 3 (This Kuwaiti channel was showing the same program mentioned above, at the same time as on KTV 2.  There was also a show in English on health with Arabic subtitles.)




Under “Menu principal” on the homepage, click on “Radio Live.”  It is fourth from the top, below “Tv Live” and “Webcam.”  Unfortunately, many of these stations are not broadcast in Arabic.


The following stations work as of May 2008:


Radio Soleil (a French station playing Arab and Western music)


Radio Orient (This is broadcast from Paris.  When I heard it, there was a French news program playing about international politics, particularly in the Middle East.)


C100 (American music programming)


Radio Sawa (Moroccan station playing Arab music and possibly other kinds of music)


Folk Radio WUMB 91.9 FM (American folk music)


CBC Canada one (Canadian programming)


Skyrock (a French radio station playing French, American, and possibly other types of pop and R & B and urban music.)


Cool FM (a Belgian station broadcasting Western pop music)


Ciel FM (a station broadcast from Belgian offering news and possibly other types of programming in French)


2HP Canada (a station that plays techno and possibly other types of music)




Click on “Musique” on the left side of the homepage.


For music from the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco): Click on “Musique du Maghreb Arabe,” which means “Music from the Arab Maghreb” in French.  You can also click on موسيقى المغرب العربي.  These links, as you probably can already see for yourself, are at the top left and right sides of the screen.  After clicking there, you should see many icons with images of singers.  Click on whichever icon you like to play the songs and videos of that artist.  If you see a video screen on the page with a big right arrow on it, you can press that to start playing the artist’s music.  On other pages, the artist’s music will begin playing automatically.  You may need to download Real Player to be able to listen to songs when you click on the links under the screen/box in the middle of the artist’s page.  Some of the links work and others don’t. 


For music from other Arab countries (that aren’t in the Gulf or the Maghreb): Click on “Musique Orientale” or الموسيقى الشرقي.  These two links are below the links for music from the Maghreb.  Follow the same steps outlines above to access music from this part of the region.


For music from Gulf countries: Click on “Musique Khaliji” or الموسيقى الخليجية.  Follow the same instructions outlined above.