Music, Movies, Television, and Videos:


Mutli-dialect Singing Competition


Upon accessing, or by selecting “TV and Radio” at the top of that web page, you will see a televisin show called Star Academy, a show similar to American Idol, but based in Lebanon and featuring talent from all over the Middle East.  You can rewind and fast forward by moving the small rectangle under the image that progresses to the right that shows the progression of the show.  You can also pause this show and resume playing it.  You should be exposed to different dialects based on the contestants’ countries of origin.  The show regularly features famous and popular Arab singers who you can look up on YouTube at and other websites to hear more of their music.  You can phonetically sound out how you think their name would be spelled in English when doing a search on YouTube and that can often bring up these artists’ music videos. 


Other television shows at can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail images at the upper right side of the screen.  Not all of these thumbnails work.  Many of these programs are Lebanese.


Lebanese Sitcom


On the right side of the screen, after clicking on “TV & Radio” in the upper left hand corner of the main web page, you should see a thumbnail image of two men walking or standing.  If you click on it, you will see the sitcom “Abou Riad,” which is in Lebanese dialect.  You can also find segments from this sitcom in YouTube by searching for “Abu Riad” and Abou Riad.”


Informative Talk Show


In the second row of thumbnails, under the word “Programs,” the second thumbnail from the left, which features the face of a man wearing glasses, is an informative talk show called سيرة انفتهت, which is transcribed as “Sire Wenfatahit.” 


Dubai TV


In the second row on the far right, under “Radio-2” and “Star Academy 5” is a black thumbnail with red letters that read تار اتاتا.  Click on it to see Taratata/Dubai TV. 





Turkish Television Series Dubbed Over in Syrian Dialect


At the top of the main screen, you should see the word “SERIES” in between the words “CLIPS” and “MOVIES.”  By clicking on “SERIES,” you will come to a page that gives you the option of viewing a Turkish television series “Gumus Noor.”  You can select various episodes by clicking on the links underneath the screen displaying the show.  So far, as of May 23, 2008, there are 53 episodes available for selection.




Music Videos


At the top of the screen at, you should see the word “CLIPS” in between the words “TEEVAA” and “MOVIES.”  Once you have clicked on “CLIPS,” you should see Music Video Clips” on the right side of the screen.  Underneath this is a list of Arab singers in alphabetical order.  You can click on a name to open up a new web page.  Once on an artist’s page, you can click on the thumbnail images on the left side of the screen to open up a music video.  You can also click on the first line of each written entry to the right of the thumbnail to open up a video.  Don’t forget you can use the list of artists’ names as a source of names for YouTube searches at




Click on “MOVIES” at the top of the main page at  Then click on “Movies-1,” “Movies-2,” or “Movies-3” on the right side of the page.  This will bring up thumbnails on the same side of the page.  You can click on them to watch movies.  Not all of the thumbnails work.  Have fun perusing the movies to find ones of interest to you.  You can watch them over and over for practice if you like.  You can also pause, rewind, fast forward, and adjust the volume, using the buttons located on the bottom of the screen displaying the film.


Egyptian Political Drama


The film showing on the left side of the page is إمراة هزت عرش مصر, a historical drama that begins during the period of Egyptian King Farouk in the 20th century.  It is beneficial for Egyptian dialect dealing with political vocabulary.  You can also see this film by clicking on “Movies-3” and then clicking on the last thumbnail shown – the one in the last row and at the far right.


An Unflinching Look at the Complexities of Egyptian Society


A controversial and relatively recent Egyptian film, “Amarat Yacoubian,” which is based on a novel, can be found under “Movies-3” in the second row of thumbnails.  This film features the famous Egyptian actor Adel Imam. 



Light-hearted Egyptian comedy


Under “Movies-1,” a comedy featuring the famous Egyptian actor Muhammad Huneidy can be found in the 7th row on the far right.  The film is called فول الصين العظيم, or “Foul as-Seen al-‘Azim.” The main character goes to China, enters a cooking contest, and falls in love. 



“Home-Alone”-like Egyptian film


Also under “Movies-1,” in the 6th row on the far left in the first column, is the film “Let Go,” or سيب وانا سيبه.  This is a cute Egyptian comedy about the adventures of two guys who wind up babysitting the precocious son and daughter of a wealthy widowed businessman who must leave town on business.




Click on “SONGS” at the top of the main page at  It can be found between “MOVIES” and “PHOTOS.”  Click on “SONGS.”  This will bring you to  You should immediately see videos being displayed on the screen under the title “New Video Clips.”  Fortunately, videos are shown one after another, so not much effort is required here. 



To listen to songs without viewing videos at, you can click on the blue links underneath the screen displaying the video.  By clicking on these links, you can play the songs you select.  You can pause, rewind, stop, and fast forward the song you have selected by using the buttons above the link that reads “Download this song.” 


To Search for Songs based on a Singer:


There is also another way to access music at, based on the name of a singer.  Click on a letter in the blue row entitled “Singers.”  Each letter represents the first letter of a singer’s name.  If you have a particular singer in mind, such as Fairuz, you can click on the letter “F.”  These links are located under the text displaying the artist’s name with a message that will look like, “Download so-and-so’s songs.”  You can also find artists by clicking on a letter and going through them until you find one you like. 


To Search for Songs by Title:


To search for songs by title, go to the light blue column of letters in alphabetical order labeled “Songs” at  Click on the letter representing the first letter of a particular song title of interest, or search randomly by clicking on letters.  Just click on the blue link of a song title and the song’s artist to play a song. 

To Listen to Songs from an Album:


At the top of the main page at, under the title “6rbtata,” is the category “New Albums.”  You can click on one of the thumbnails that shows an album cover.  Then, you should see a list of songs in blue.  This is a list of links to songs of different artists. 




You will see “Radio-1” and “Radio-2” on the right side of the main page of, located between the word “Programs” on the left and “Star Academy 5” on the right.  If you click on “Radio-1” or “Radio-2,” you will see thumbnails representing different radio stations.  Not all of them work.  Some of the stations play a combination of Arab and American music, while other stations, such as BBC Arabic, have news and talk radio.


Some Radio Stations to Try


Jordanian radio station صوت الغد: Radio-1, bottom left corner.


Egyptian radio station Radio Sawa Misr: Radio-1, fourth from the bottom, first column, plays Arab and American music. 


The Voice of Israel (an Arab radio station), صوت إسرائيل: Radio-1, tenth row and third column from the left and the right.  It plays Arab music.


Gulf station Radio Sawa al-Khalij الخليج: Radio-1, fourth row from the bottom, second column from the left, plays Arab and Western music. 


Iraqi station Radio Sawa al-Iraq العراق : Radio-1, fourth row from the bottom, third column from the left and the right. 


Jordanian radio station Radio Sawa al-Urdun الأردن: Radio-1, fourth row from the bottom, second column from the right. 


Radio station from the Maghreb Radio Sawa al-Maghreb المغرب: Radio-1, fourth row from bottom, far right column. 


Sudanese station Sawa as-Sudan السودان: Radio-1, third row from the bottom, far left column. 


Palestinian radio station RAMFM رام الله: Radio-1, second row from bottom, second column from the left.



Moroccan radio station Ya Biladi Maroc: Radio-1, third row from bottom, far right column.  This station plays Arab and French music, including Arab and French rap music.