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  • EdSurf
    Extensive links to free educational cybercourses, software, IT services.
  • HTMLDog
    HTML Dog has step-by-step tutorials on how to develop web pages and style sheets.
    Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management dramatically improve your workflow and productivity easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.
  • Applications and Tutorials
    Eductional Cyber Playground offers an excellent selection of eLearning tutorials.
  • Basic On-line Skills
    Tutorials for basic computer skills
  • Introduction to Computers
    This course introduces you to the fundamentals of computing, explains the components of a computer, explores operating system basics, and shows you how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

MicroSoft Office

  • Microsoft Office Training Center
    Get training and templates for Office products.
  • https://www.office.com/
  • The NEW Microsoft Office
    Learn about the new office 365 and the on-line office apps.
  • Microsoft Office 2000
    "Zesty Projects Creating and organizing classroom projects is easy--if you have the right tools. Join Agent Max Millennium, on one of three exciting missions, and discover how Microsoft Office 2000 is the must-have tool for all your classroom projects."
  • Microsoft Classroom Teacher Network
    Index: Instructional Resources, Workforce Development, Solutions, How to Buy, Education Programs, Technical Resources, Security Support, Product Resources, Windows Office Servers, Class Server, Developer Tools, Our Vision, Education Partners.
  • Microsoft Skills 2000
    Skills 2000 virtual tour of Museum of Modern Technology.

IC Technology for Language Teachers

World Wide Web

  • Internet for Modern Languages Internet for Modern Languages has been written by Gavin Burnage of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge. It is one of a set of tutorials within the RDN Virtual Training Suite, created by subject-specialists from universities and professional organisations across the UK.
  • BBC Becoming WebWise Welcome to BBC Becoming WebWise! This new online course is the easy way to get to grips with the Internet. It lets you learn at your own pace and can lead to a nationally recognised qualification. Enrol at your local college for one of the accredited qualifications.
  • Google Scholar Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.
  • ReefSeek
    Academic search engine that makes academic information easier to access than typical search engines. Refseek cuts down on the overload of non-academic search results by eliminating sponsored links and commercial search results. 
    Features include:
    • Search web
    • Search documents
    • Related search terms provided
    • Search within a site for more detailed search result

Interactive exercise makers

  • Hot Potatoes
    The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is freeware, and you may use it for any purpose or project you like. It is not open-source. The Java version provides all the features found in the windows version, except: you can't upload to hotpotatoes.net and you can't export a SCORM object from Java Hot Potatoes.
  • QuizStar QuizStar is a free web-based program. With this web-based utility, you will be able to create a custom quiz that others can take online. If you have a lesson plan centered around internet websites, or if you want students to be able to do take-home assignments over the internet, then QuizStar is for you!
  • Quia Web Quia Web is one of the world's most popular educational technology Web sites. It pioneered the "create-your-own"; concept, giving instructors the ability to create customized educational software online, built around their own course materials and made available to students over the Web.
  • Edublogs
     Edublogs is a free blogging platform designed specifically for schools, teachers and students.
  • VoiceThread VoiceThread allows students to create narrated slide shows & presentations. Upload images, record (or upload) voice comments, and publish the project online. Voicethread is great for group collaboration that allows students to engage in an ongoing discussion based on the images uploaded to the presentation. Unique Feature: Final products have a number of privacy settings that will fit within most AUP. There are also account options for educators. Example: Russian Revolution Review
  • Edublogs
     Edublogs is a free blogging platform designed specifically for schools, teachers and students.
  • AudioPal
    AudioPal is a free web based service that can create recordings through phone, mic, upload or text. Unique Feature: When recording is complete, enter your email address to receive the embed code for the recording.