Music, Television, Videos, Films, and Plays:




For Moroccan music: Click on “Music Maroc” near the top on the left side of the screen.  It is located under “Music Dima4.”  This will open up icons with images of Moroccan artists.  Click on the artist’s name under an icon to hear the music of a particular artist.  Once you have done so, you should automatically hear the music of that artist.  If not, that particular link may not work.  The songs are played in the sequence laid out in numerical order, but you can fast forward to the next song by clicking on the fast forward arrow that points right.  The yellow numbers under the last row of icons are page numbers.  If you click on them, you will see web pages with other artists from Morocco.  


For other Arab music: Click on “Music Orientale.”  This link is located under the “Music Maroc” link.  Follow the same instructions as outlined above.


For Berber music: Click on “Music Amazighe.”  Follow the same steps.


Note: The several links to artists’ music that I tried for Moroccan rap music under “Rap Maroc” did not work.


For French rap: Click on “Rap Français.”  Follow the same steps.


For Algerian music: Click on “Music Rai.”  Follow the same steps. 


“Music Relaxe” doesn’t have Arab music.  It is for easy listening.


Icons for some of these artists can also be found in the middle of the main page.




Under “Video Clips En Ligne” on the left side of the main page, you have two options for videos.  “Clips Oriental” is for Arab music videos.  “Clips Gharbi” is for Western music videos.  To watch a video, click on the name of the artist to the right of the icon with their picture.  To see more options after the first page, click on one of the yellow numbers underneath the last row of icons to open up a new page of videos. 


Movies and Plays


To watch movies, go the section called “Films En Ligne” at the left side of the main page.  “Films Etranger” has Western movies.  All the other categories have Arab movies and plays.


For Egyptian movies: Click on “Films Egyptiens.”  You should then see rectangular images looking like DVD covers or movie advertisements.  Click on one of them that seems interesting to you.  Then click on “Lien Pour Voir le Film.”  You can see more film choices by clicking on one of the yellow numbers below the last row of these thumbnails to open up a new page of films. 


For Moroccan movies: Click on “Films Marocains” and then follow the same steps as outlined above. 


For plays: Click on “Masrahiyate” and then follow the same steps as outlined above.


Also, on the homepage, you can watch the movie “Finding Nemo” in Egyptian dialect.  Look for the words “Finding Nemo” in English toward the top of the page on the right and click on the thumbnail to view the film.


Television Series


Under “Série En Ligne” on the left side of the main page, you have choices of links for viewing television series from different parts of the Arab world.  Some of these selections are also on the lower right side of the page.  Icons for some of these series can also be found in the center of the main page.


For Levantine programs: Click on “Bab El Harra (saison 1)” for season 1 of this Levantine television series.  From there, choose one of the blue and numbered links for a specific episode of the program.  Follow the same steps to view episodes from season 2 of this program after clicking on “Bab El Harra (saison 2).”


For Egyptian programs: Click on “El Malik Farouk” or “Soltan al Gharam” or “Aifrit Al kirch” and follow the same steps as outlined above. 


 For Gulf programs: Click on “Tach 13” or “Namir Ibn Adwan” and follow the same steps as outlined above.


For Modern Standard Arabic cartoons (anime): Click on “Détective Conan” or “Manga Dai” and follow the same steps as outlined above.




Under “Radio” in the top right corner of the main page, try clicking on some of the links to play songs.  As of May 2008, “Ya biladi” station works.  Click on that link and then press the play button once a new page opens up. 


Religious Music and Recitations


For those  interested in Muslim material, the section entitled “Islamique” under the “Radio” section has different options. 


Click on a link such as “Quran Alkarim.”  You can fast forward by pressing the fast forward button to skip selections.


Arab Operetta


To the left of the words “Islamique,” you should see an icon with the image of a woman singing (as of May 2008; this could change in the future).  The Arabic text reads حصريا على الضمير العربي.  This means “Exclusively on The Arab Conscience.”