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ILR Survey on Teaching Culture

It is widely recognized that language and culture are interconnected.  However, some have argued that foreign language programs need to strengthen their focus on culture identifying specific information and skills as instructional goals.

This informal survey is ILR’s attempt to gather general information about how ILR organizations deal with the teaching of culture. Note that responses will be considered as statements of individual perspectives and not as official positions of an organization.  Results will be shared at the ILR plenary session June 23. 

Instructions: Please answer each of the following questions and send responses by  April 21.

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1.  What do you think is a useful definition of culture for your organization?  To what extent is it separate from language in your organization?

2.  What does culture mean for employees using a foreign language in your organization? 

3.  What are the goals of training in the area of culture for you organization?  What should students know or be able to do? 

4.  What components of culture are and should be included when training employees in yourorganization? 

5.  How are cultural skills and knowledge measured?

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